Automotive Security Gateway

The first automotive security gateway product which certified with vehicle regulation and EAL4 in China


D2000 is the first Automotive security gateway which applied in the field of automatic pilot in the industry of China, which meets the design requirements of high performance, high security and high reliability for automatic pilot system. D2000 is certified with vehicle regulations and cyber security EAL4, with high availability, low power consumption characteristics; Equipted with Dual 4G, 4 Ethernet gigabit ports, high stability Wi-Fi hot spots, meet the requirements of high throughput, large traffic, low latency vehicle network environment.

Vehicle Regulation Level
• Vehicle Regulation Chip
• Certified with vehicle regulation
High Security
• Certified with EAL4 level of information security assessment
• Orchestrating all cross-domain communications with access control in the EEA architecture
High Reliability
• Dual 4G modules, multi-carrier support
• Dual carriers mode is configured as required, and never off line
• Hardware watchdog