The first automotive central security gateway product which supporting 5G and C-V2X


L3000 is designed for the on-board central gateway for intelligent vehicles, supporting 5G and vehicle regulations gigabits Ethernet and integrating C-V2X modules, which further extended the connectivity of heterogeneous networks for vehicles, up to support 20 CAN-FDs and 4 LINs. 

High performance multi-core processor is adopted to further enhance high throughput for network traffic forwarding and processing capability. At the same time, it can meet the diversity requirements as SOA Gateway to support intelligent Cockpit and automatic pilot systems.


Vehicle Regulation Level
Vehicle Regulation Chip
Aluminum alloy fin shell, passive heat dissipation
Vehicle regulation Gigabit Ethernet
High Security
HSM and hardware level random number
Independent security core
Support multi-domain connection and inter-domain control in EEA architecture
Support Deep packet inspection of networking traffic
High Reliability
Dual 5G module, supports dynamic switching of carrier lines to ensure high reliability of service
Provides signature verification capability of 2500 times/SEC, which meets the high-speed mobile scenario of V2X